#HappyWriting Co has one mission:


To Change the way you write.

We exist to give authors a clear path, showing them they can be happy while they write, build their platform, and meet their readers.

We understand that every author has different goals, styles, and needs. This means every author learns differently. Happy Writing provides one positivity filled location where authors can come together, learn from a variety of industry influencers, and have an active and engaged coach ready to cheer them on.


Connect With Dionne:

Blog: Girl Vs. City

Social Media: @girlvscity


Dionne is an adventurous and upbeat spirit, often called an eternal optimist. She founded Happy Writing Co in 2017 after completing her International Life Coaching (focus: Lifestyle Design & Goal Achievement) certification from Symbiosis, India. She was sitting in a café in India, creating a book cover for an author, and found herself overwhelmed by the negativity in writing groups and author-centric social media chats. She knew she wanted to continue working with authors, but she also knew she wanted to break through the belief that you have to miserable to be a successful writer.

Dionne believes when one author wins, we all win. She believes we should all celebrate every success, big or small, together, with pure happiness.

Dionne originally studied Fashion Design and worked as a New Store Opening corporate trainer for a major US restaurant chain before moving into cosmetics as an education and artistry trainer for a Top-5 prestige brand. She has a BFA in Communications from Indiana University, which she finished while living in a rural Ugandan village with her former charity teaching English and job skills to women pulled from sexual trafficking. She has a Masters of Professional Writing from Chatham University, where she studied the author platform with Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and Fortune-500 executives.

In 2014, Dionne founded Pen Name Publishing, an award-winning boutique publisher known for innovative and unique approaches to publishing, as well as finding manuscripts other publishers might deem to be too risky. In 2017, every book launched as an international Amazon Best Seller in a major category.

Her proudest achievement to date was being voted most likely to be an author or poet in the eighth grade. She has written 13 books that will start publishing in 2018.


2018 Featured Guests:

Dori Ann Dupré
Award Winning Author

Amanda Gernentz Hanson
Diverse & Lady Book Project

Leslie Hauser
Author & Event Champion



Peter Monn
YouTube Celebrity

Coming Soon

Megg Geri
Outline Champion, Author Advocate, Editor, and adorable bad ass.

Coming Soon

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely! You are free to cancel at any time. Lifetime memberships are not refundable. Before purchasing a lifetime membership, we suggest joining us for one month and getting a feel for how we serve you as an author.

How can I be interviewed?

We have multiple opportunities to join us as a featured author! Head over to the JOIN US tab and let us know what you're interested in. We can interview you for our podcast, you can host for a Sunday at #HappyWritingChat, or you can apply to be a featured monthly influencer, positioning yourself as THE expert for the month. To be considered, you must be a published author or an industry professional with a visible professional appearance.