What Authors Need to Know About Social Media

What Authors Need to Know About Social Media

Every day authors are told they NEED social media. We're here to tell you what we think you need to know to maximize your platforms and love your social media as an author!

Top Five Resources For Publishing Opportunities

Hey author, we see you over there, struggling with your search for publishing opportunities.

Deep breath. We're going to share our Top Five favorite resources for finding publishing opportunities.

1. Writer's Market and WritersMarket.com

Writer's Market is THE definitive guide that every author, freelancer, or writer should have on their desk. Our 2018 copy is already covered in flags, highlights, underlines, and notes. You can find various editions for your genre, songwriting, poetry, or magazines, or pick up the deluxe edition that covers everything. This gem is well worth the price tag. And, if you wait a few months in to each year, you can save a couple dollars when the price drops.

2. Publisher's Marketplace

Publisher's Marketplace is a subscription website listing active agents, ranked by number and size of deals acquired by genre. You can search for agents and publishers, get an insight in to business, and look for representation of titles similar to what you have to offer. This site is well worth the $25 per month.

3. Poets & Writers

Another database of publishers and agents, this site encompasses businesses of all sizes. They also run a database of classes, helpful blogs, and a quarterly magazine chock full of opportunities and contests.

4. PubMatch

PubMatch is a great database that allows you to get front and center with rights sellers and buyers all over the world. 

5. Publisher's Weekly 

Because they say it best: "Founded in 1872, Publishers Weekly continues to be a must-have for writers, editors, librarians, booksellers, agents—anyone who loves books and wants to know the inside scoop on what’s coming, what’s selling, and who’s who in the publishing business. In today’s world of information overload, PW provides a coherent and vibrant guide to literary and commercial book publishing—that is, what America is reading."


One of the best ways to find leads is to look at books you feel are similar to yours. Google who they published through, or who represented the sale of their book. Start to create your own spreadsheet to track query opportunities.


Some of these links may be affiliate links, meaning we will get a small percentage of any referral (hey, Amazon!). But, we only share resources we absolutely love and use in our office.

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