Getting Started With the Query Letter

Hey Happy Writers, Dionne here.

I know the query letter is stressful.

I know the query process is long and tedious.

I know you may feel like your spirit gets broken during this time.

Before you get started with this lesson, I want to tell you that I believe in you. I know you can write an amazing query that compliments your manuscript and catches attention. I know that you are worthy of a book deal.

There is space for you on that bookshelf, and as we go through the query process, remember that you are valuable.

Are you ready to write your query? Let's first talk about what the query letter is in and what publishers/agents want in these four introductory videos.

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#HappyWriting my future best seller! 

Lets start these queries.



What is a query letter and who reads it?

What do they even want?

The outline of a query letter.