The Reader Profile is going to be one of your most used tools. What you're about to master can be adapted to anything: any book, any website, any future business.

Many industries call this your ideal 'avatar'. I was first exposed to this concept while working as a corporate artistry trainer for Smashbox Cosmetics. We didn't have customers, we had one person. When we were talking about customers, we called them by one name. We designed products for that one person, created advertising for that one person, and created looks for that one person. She was a representative of our target market.

As an author, you may not realize that you have a target reader. We're going to meet them in this exercise. You'll begin to see if your branding and language matches this person's likes, and if not, how to adapt yourself to better speak to your ideal reader.

When going through this process don't worry about what we call outliers. Outliers are readers who will find your book regardless. They may find you through friends, search engines, or Amazon. Your outreach has no impact on them finding you. They'll come, but they shouldn't be your focus.

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Okay! Let's make your ideal Reader Profile!