It's okay if you think using all three worksheets will be too much. You can use one, you can use two, or you can use all three. I'm going to walk you through how I designed these to be used.


The first worksheet is similar to mindmapping. Under priorities, write down your top four current achievement wishes. Over time, you'll come back to these four frequently, and decide which ones are relevant and timely, and which ones are stretch goals.

On the box headers, make a solid goal for each priority. In the blue boxes, write why this goal is important to you. We don't want to focus on the 'Why' too much in your goal achievement. We don't want the 'Why' to drive you, but it's important to acknowledge at this moment. You can also write down how you'll feel, what doubts you have, etc...

Finally, write down how you will handle yourself if you feel like giving up. This is my favorite piece to this worksheet, and, the most important!


And finally, you'll start tracking your actions.

Start by listing your goal at the top. Again. There is a reason we continue to write the goal on each sheet: repetition creates attention. Repetition creates focus.

Give yourself attainable micro-goals that add up to create the larger goal. Follow up with these goals weekly, and create a plan of action with viable, concrete, well defined steps.


Now, for your top priority goal of the previous four, you'll work on this sheet. Top priority does NOT mean the biggest, loftiest, most glory filled goal. Top priority means the goal that has the strongest roots in reality RIGHT NOW. This may mean you'll start with something you can achieve easily, quickly, or will bring you deep satisfaction.

On the right, under each SMART headline, you'll write the goal markers that drive completion. On the right, you can place notes, ways to do this, deadlines, action plans, anything to hold you accountable. 

On the bottom, you can thumb in any extra notes such as a quote, a treat when you succeed, or a kick in the pants, as well as your focus areas of movement to make this goal a reality.



You have just completed setting goals. Now, I want to know what you want to achieve! Post snaps of your goal worksheets in the Happy Writing Authorpreneur Facebook Group.

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